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Many times we hear Muslims shouting and screaming ALLAHU UKBAR in times of happiness, anger and even in times of worship. But what does this word really mean and is it a statement of peace and harmony or is it a dangerous divisive term.

It literally means God is Great. In Islam, Muslims believe in the worship of one God. And the worship of any other entity be it a ‘son’ of God or a statue of that affect is considered to be an action which invalidates one’s Islam.  So, in order for a Muslim to express his monotheism he makes the statement that Allah is Great rather God is the greatest.  In Arabic this is called DHIKR.

DHIKR the remembrance of Allah is strongly encouraged for a believer to engage in. Constantly repeating the remembrance of Allah makes a believer more God conscious and consequently averse to the temptations of the devil. So, if a person is tempted to commit a crime e.g stealing, cheating..etc. He would think twice as he is not just breaking Mans law but God’s law to.